Lakeside Lab AIR Day #2

Hey there!!!

Today was an absolutely incredibly day at Lakeside Labs. I started off my morning at 5:30 AM with a little group yoga flow session. I’ve never taken an actual yoga class before so this experience was super enlightening and helpful for my own practice.

I met some super cool people at breakfast and we ended up going on a plant collecting journey across the prairie with some old laboratory plant collecting metal satchels. SO HAPPY to have met such incredible people. We pressed the flowers of the plants and I used some mushrooms to experiment with a piece. I also have been making hanging viburnum clouds in my studio. Having my own studio to work in and decorate is truly the best thing that has ever happened. I feel so much happier and my mind is less cluttered, therefore I get so much more work done.

There’s something magical about an open space. It is as though there is truly room to breathe, to grow, to adapt, to reside, to move around in and so much more. The void or space to exist and move around in is full of opportunity and potential energy. It is nutrient rich soil in which inspiration and motivation grow so easily in. I genuinely realize that this is the type of space I want to make my art making place feel like. I want to turn that place into a space that fosters creativity and good feelings.

Anyways, I ended my evening with a six mile skateboard ride and ended up walking three extra miles around a memorial woods and a state park. I can’t express how inspired I feel after going on that journey across unfamiliar lands. It was quite humbling and breath-taking.

It was a perfect day for gathering inspiration and recalibrating my sense of being. I honestly haven’t felt this good in my entire life. The way that nature heals the soul is ineffable. I am so grateful to cohabit a space that harmoniously resides with nature. It truly inspires me to strengthen symbiotic relationship with nature.

Lake Okoboji, Wah[eton, IA

Lake Okoboji, Wah[eton, IA

Memorial Woods, Wahpeton, IA

Memorial Woods, Wahpeton, IA




Lakeside Laboratories AIR Day #1

Hey friends!!

I made it to the residency this afternoon. Its absolutely gorgeous up here. I can’t believe how beautiful and perfect this area is. Truly laboratory based, but in cohesion with nature in the best way possible. I set up my studio space after dinner and I’m so excited to cohabit that space. I feel like a mad lil scientific artist. I will post pictures in the morning once I get everything settled. I’m going to be priming a larger canvas this evening and I also am going to be doing some fungus studies for a mixed media piece that I’m currently working on.

On a side note. every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday they have yoga sessions in the morning before breakfast. I’m absolutely psyched to go to the first session tomorrow. I’m so grateful to be here and to have been invited to go on different trips with classes. I think I’ll be participating in the first one tomorrow after breakfast. Probs gonna do some sketches of whatever awaits me tomorrow!!

AHHH!!! i also went on a canoe for the first time ever this evening with some good peeps.

I am so grateful to be here and to exist in this atmosphere the next two weeks. :-)

i’ll post work in progress photos once I get stuff done., but for now, thanks for reading! I can’t wait to share my experience with you all.